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Alchemy Climbing (formally Tallahassee Rock Gym) has a long and rich history. Part of the first wave of climbing gyms in the country, and the first dedicated climbing gym in Florida, we have been around since the beginning of indoor climbing.  Doors opened to the public in July 1995, serving climbers and those wanting to learn how to climb in the region for over 25 years now. Tallahassee Rock Gym was considered a first generation climbing gym, built with the blood, sweat, risk, and personal equity of its owner, managers, staff, volunteers and friends. Donated, and sometimes questionably acquired wood, composed the original walls. Holds from backyard woodies and shredded rubber flooring composed the original gym portions. 
We have continued to expand as space and funds become available and as climbers’ needs have changed. We have now evolved into
Alchemy Climbing!
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We are located inside of a retro 80's movie theater and provide Tallahassee, and the surrounding communities, with a place to learn and practice the sport of indoor rock climbing while offering challenges for both beginners and experienced climbers. No experience necessary; our wonderful staff can help you find the right style of climbing for you! Proud to be locally owned and operated since 1995. Dedicated to the sport, passion, and lifestyle of climbing.
Come be a part of our amazing community.

This gym made me the person I am today. and for that, I am forever grateful.

India A.

Never in my life have I come across such an amazing group of people. TRG will forever be my home.

Christina P.

This will remain the most loved home I will always have.

Niko M.


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