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Beginning Jan 1st 2022

No more bookings for bouldering, rope climbing, or fitness room (still required for kilter board sessions). By entering the facility, you are agreeing to all covid screening questions

Capacity restrictions
Gone, but the occupancy counter will remain on our website and on the RGPRO connect app so you, the climber, can make an educated decision before you visit.

For now we will still be requiring masks for all visitors, unless authorized by a A/C staff member. If you have been authorized to climb without a mask you can now climb without a mask at any time, if you are caught climbing without a mask without being authorized you will be given 1 warning before being asked to leave. 
Want to be authorized to climb without the mask? Voluntarily show us a picture of your vaccination card or a negative test from within 72-hrs of your visit.

We are excited and optimistic of what the new year will bring with more events and gathering opportunities.  Please remember that if local conditions change, we may have to roll back to previous restrictions.  If you are trying to avoid busier times: during the week before 4, or weekends after 6 tend to be less crowded, but check that occupancy counter.



Interested in our youth teams? Click HERE for more information!


Click on the flyer for info

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We offer Bouldering, Auto Belay, Top Rope, Lead, Youth Teams, Instructional Classes, Fitness Room.

No bookings required

We are no longer requiring bookings for normal climbing sessions. For groups over 7 people, you may want to check out our group rates!

CAPACITY Guidlines

If you are trying to avoid busier times: during the week before 4pm, or weekends after 6 tend to be less crowded, but check our occupancy counter.


Face masks must be worn at all times in the facility, unless authorized by an Alchemy Staff Member. For more information check out our Covid Policy.


Whether it's your very first time climbing or it's been awhile, we're glad you chose

Alchemy Climbing.


First things first,

Everyone entering the facility, whether they are climbing or not, will need to fill out a waiver. Parent / Guardian Must sign for Kids who are Under 18 and bring or send a photocopy of drivers license if not accompanying their child.


Roped climbing
(climbing while attached to a line for protection)


When you come visit, we'll walk you through a General Facility Orientation (~10min). Everyone age 14+ will require one whether climbing or not. The general orientation is good for 2 years, unless we update policies.

Depending on what type of climbing you plan on doing will determine what your next step will be. 

Here are your different choices and what you'll need!


Auto belays are automatic belay devices that takes up the slack as a climber ascends the climbing wall. When the climber reaches the top and lets go, or falls, the Auto Belay immediately arrests the fall and lets the climber descend to the ground safely and automatically. This is recommended for newer climbers.

Every new climber will have an orientation before using. Kids under 14 will need an adult to clip them in. You may attempt the test out if you have prior experience with one.



Top rope climbing is a style in climbing in which the climber is securely attached to a rope which then passes up, through an anchor system at the top of the climb, and down to a belayer at the foot of the climb.

Belayers must be ages 14 & up, have at least an auto belay orientation or proficiency, and preform a test out in order to belay. Climbers under 14 may be belayed by a certified belayer. Climbers 14 & up must be belay certified to climb.



Lead climbing is a more advanced climbing style. It requires you to clip into protection as you climb, to protect you against a fall. You are setting the rope as you climb, nothing is already set up as with Top rope climbing.

Lead climbing/belaying test outs can only be done with an approved instructor. Booking is preferred.



unRoped climbing
(climbing without a line for protection)


Bouldering is climbing on low structures without the use of ropes, though usually with spotters and crash pads. This type of climbing usually has shorter sequences and requires more gymnastic type movement.

Warning: Bouldering is very dangerous. Every fall while bouldering results in a ground fall and could result in serious injuries.

Kids under 14 must be a member, supervised by a member, or a member of USA Climbing.


Everyone who is climbing in the facility will need to purchase a Day Pass. You do not need one if you are just hanging out and watching. Climbing shoes are required to climb. We have some for rent if you do not have your own.

day passes



Youth (under 12)






Military/First Responder/Teacher

rental gear






Belay Device



Combination of any two or more rentals

Mountain Landscape




ADULT: $70



Automatically charges your credit card or bank account on the 1st of each month. EFT Memberships require a $35 initiation and startup fee. 


Membership includes:

- 2 weeks of free equipment rentals 

- 10% off pro shop purchases 

- Ability to freeze account 

- 1 free guest pass each month 

- Discounted rates on climbing classes

-Member only events: potlucks and movie nights, etc



Couple (2) - $105/month

Each additional family member - $25/month

Family and Couple memberships function identically to EFT monthly memberships and includes all of the same benefits as the EFT monthly membership. You will be billed directly to your account on the 1st of each month.


To qualify for a family membership you must be an adult couple, youth siblings, or parents and children all living at the same address.




5-visit:    $65

10-visit:  $110

Rock Blocks are prepaid climbing Day Passes at a discount. They are a great option for occasional climbers not yet ready for a full membership. .

Rock Blocks visits can be shared with others who you authorized. Rock Blocks expire 12-months from the date of purchase.


Frequently Asked Membership Questions

How do I purchase a membership?

There are two ways to sign up for a membership and they're both super easy! 1. Come visit the gym! Whether you're planning on climbing or not, we'd love to for you to stop buy to set up a membership. 2. Sign up online! Click " Buy Membership!" In either case, you'll need the credit card or bank account you will be using to pay for your membership and we will need to see your photo ID and your student/military ID if applicable.

What type of membership is best for me?

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before signing up for a membership. 1. Am I climbing often enough for a membership to be worth it? If you're climbing more than 5 times a month, the answer is yes! 2. Should I go for the EFT monthy or a Rock Block? That also depends on how much you're wanting to climb. Again, if you plan on climbing more than 5-10 times in one month or you want to take advantage of those sweet EFT member benefits, go for the EFT! 3. Individual or family EFT, which one is right for me? Well, if you plan on bringing you significant other, kids, or brother/sister to the gym with you often, go for the family plan. However, if you're the only avid climber in your fam, it may be best to get an individual membership for you and pay for day passes for the others. You can always switch to a family membership and Rock Blocks make great gifts!

What are the EFT member benefits?

- UNLIMITED CLIMBING!!! What more could you ask for? Turns out, a lot more. - One free guest pass a month. We love sharing our gym with newbies. So comes show your friends how cool and strong you are! - 2 weeks of free equipment rentals when you start. This is great for trying out shoes and harnesses before investing in your own. - 10% of pro-shop purchases. You will recieve 10% off almost all equipment and gear, that's climbing shoes, chalk, chalkbags, etc. - $10 belay class for yourself, and use in conjuction with your free guest pass and their belay class will be only $10 too. - Free yoga classes. Drop in for your free yoga class with one of our certified instructors to take your climbing to the next level. - Ability to freeze your account. We don't know why you would want to, but we understand a lot of our members are students who go home for the summer. Pay a $8 "freeze-fee" each month to keep your memberhip active and avoid repaying a start-up fee when you "un-freeze". - AND MUCH MUCH MORE, Member nights, potlucks, movie nights


What do I need to wear?

You should wear clothes that are comfortable to move around in. Our walls have a harsh grit on them, so it's a good idea to wear long pants and sleeves. We provide the shoes and equipment that you’ll need to ascend the walls.

Are there any age restrictions?

There are no age restrictions to climb. We have found that kids around the age of 4-6 tend to have the basic abilities to navigate the walls, but every kid varies. It's always worth a try!

Do I need any experience?

An indoor climbing gym is a perfect environment to learn and expose yourself to the world of rock climbing. We have developed the walls for all levels of climbers, from the first timers, to the extreme experienced. We offer intro classes to get you started, and our knowledgeable staff would be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Come give it a try!

Do I need to take a class?

You are not required to take a class in order to climb. However, you must gain proficiencies before you are allowed to climb. Here is what you’ll need:


  • Bouldering orientation (going over rules and risks) ~10min.

Auto Belay:

  • First time:
    • Auto belay orientation (going over rules and how to use device) ~10min.
  • Following visit:
    • Auto belay test out (showing us you understand how to use device) ~5min.

Top Rope:

  • Auto Belay orientation or proficiency is needed (see Auto Belay)
  • Belayer must pass a test out. Test outs are free and can be done anytime during hours. ~15min
  • We offer top rope belay classes.
  • 14 & up must have a top rope belay proficiency to climb on top rope.
    • Unless they are a member of Alchemy’s youth teams.
  • Under 14 can only climb on top rope with a certified belayer.


  • Top Rope proficiency is needed (see Top Rope)
  • Belayer must pass a lead belay test out. Test outs are free but must be booked during available times.
  • We offer lead climbing/belaying classes.
  • 17 & up must have a proficiency in lead climbing, lead belaying, or both.
    • Unless they are a member of Alchemy’s youth teams or USA climbing Youth B.
  • Certifications include:
    • Lead Climb Only (must pass a lead climb test out)
    • Lead Belay Only (must pass a lead belay test out)
    • Lead Climb/Belay (must pass both lead belay and climbing test out)
Note: Orientations and test outs are free. Classes and lead test outs must be booked ahead of time.

What is belaying?

Belaying - to control a rope that a climber is attached to and keep it tight, so that if the climber falls, they do not fall very far.

A belay device is a piece of climbing equipment that improves belay safety for the climber by allowing the belayer to manage their duties with minimal physical effort. Belay devices are designed to allow a person to easily arrest a climber's fall with maximum control, while avoiding twisting, heating or severely bending the rope.